Want to improve mobile app performance? Measuring a particular set of data points is essential to improve performance. In this regard, you must ask the right set of questions, focus on the right metrics, and have the right tools for digging into the data. Given the plethora of free and paid solutions out there, here is our recommendations for the best mobile app analytics tools that could be right for you.

Launching your first business website is a daunting yet exciting experience filled with crucial steps and tons of decision-making. However, how certain are you that the website is secure? If it's not, you risk malicious users gaining access to it ​and jeopardize you and your customers' information. That said, below are some security prerequisites for your business website.

What is the best method for creating a design for a website? Today, most experts think it’s better to build a complete mobile interface first and then adapt it for desktops.

SMS marketing is the strategic and deliberate use of the mobile phone SMS channel to deliver messages to a targeted population. SMS messages (AKA text messages) often come with a link to a purpose-built landing page on your website. Perhaps the most interesting fact about SMS as a platform is that it is more accessible than email…