App analytics tools help you gain insight into how many users are engaging with your app and how the journey is optimized for reaching your goals. That said, there are specific questions in the precise contest that the tools can help identify. Let's explore the top ten tools you should consider for mobile app analytics.

Firebase by Google

Google Firebase, a mobile app analytics tool meant for Android and iOS platforms, focuses on the analysis of the app and ensures providing the infrastructure for building it. It can give you the solutions for the monitoring of the performance and also increasing user engagement levels. Most app development companies are using it for the exact analysis of the app performance.

The integration like Google Ads, Data Studio, and Slack also makes it favorable. With it, you can get the features like ad tracking, crash reporting, and in-app Analytics.


The analytics app is beneficial for comparing the cases responsible for friction and frustration. Besides, you can get more context on where and why the uses of dropping out. It can help reduce crashes.

UXCam analytics is supportive of platforms like react native, IOS, Android. It helps with the understanding of the complete user journey with the video session. It can help in replicating and reducing crashes. Understanding the complete user journey is one of the many benefits of using this app Analytics tool.

App Analytics by Apple

This is the best app Analytics tool, a free tool for understanding iOS App Store analytics. With that, you can keep track of the app store performance, marketing campaigns, ad engagement usage, subscriptions, sales, Trends, and more.

Besides, it is also available in the app store to connect, including the Apple developer program membership. The tool will require no technical implementation. It is available for app analytics payments and financial reports, sales, and trends, to numerous others.


The Global app analytics platform supports understanding the users and also their intent. Besides, it can help in intelligent marketing and product decisions ensuring the boosted experience. User retention and lifetime value can make this app essential. It can help with the gathering of the entire app marketing data under one simplified interface.

Besides analyzing the market trends, tracking enough activities and the user's lifetime value becomes easier. The fraud protection suite it offers ensures the prevention of the app from malicious activities. Around 26,314 websites are using Adjust for gathering location information, hosting data, and contact details.


The best mobile analytics tool for your application ensures user actions by segmenting them and creating overall better engagement. Mixpanel Gives you information regarding the data points like the channels, device location, and more than that.

Besides, it can be used for targeted communication with the help of push notifications. So, you can get the A/B testing, push notifications, funnels engagement, tracking mobile and app.


This mobile app marketing analytics software is good enough to deliver personalized onboarding messaging and offers with increased user engagement. It lets you gather insight regarding the target audience based on interests like business, Lifestyle, and travel.

Besides, it also gives you the scope for examining the critical problems in the Apps, Like low retention, conversions, Bounce rate. The best features that you can get with this app include A/B testing attribute tracking, audience segmentation, funnel tracking, and reporting, alongside the uninstall tracking and the custom dashboard. Around 1857 websites are using Localytics for the measurement of the app performance standards.


One of the best and explicit mobile app analytics tools, Flurry, was launched in 2008. The world's first IOS and Android-supported analytics solution helps track user behavior, on-demand analysis for the funnels and the sessions.

You can also go ahead with the identification of the bugs within the app using the crash reports. What makes it better is that it comes with the funnel and event tracking system. The crash reporting and analysis make it even favorable.

The user segmentation and journey-based analysis, raw data export make it favorable. Besides everything else, you can get the funnel and audience analysis to help you in the long run.


Analytics for the modern product teams is one of the best Analytics tools supporting the iOS and Android platforms. The best Analytics tool gives you a robust quantitative analysis, describing the features and use cases.

The features are similar to that of Mixpanel. Some unique features of this app analytics include real-time analytics user segmentation, retroactive funnels, scalable analytics, and retention rate detection. In addition, 65,506 live websites rely on Amplitude for app testing.


One of the best Analytics tools can give you the overall analytics feature for mobile and web applications. It comes with the real-time open-source mobile analytics application that gets hosted on the service.

Overall, you can get a range of features, including the open-source application, on-premise support for private cloud, retention analysis, and funnel analysis. The tool can give you good output. The open-source and highly customizable app Analytics tool gives you the results instantly.

Adobe analytics

Adobe Analytics is the best for enterprise clients. It can give you real-time analytics with detailed segmentation.

In addition, you can get the paid tool supportive of the iOS and Android systems with the flow exploration, custom histograms, fallout analysis, and contribution analysis.

Key Takeaways

Often, people question which app analytics tool to choose? Selection of the right analytics tool is essential but dependent on the type of app you are using.

There are key metrics that one should consider before investing in the app analytics tool. You can also use the combination of the tools to match the specific needs and keep track of the overall performance.

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