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Into Rehab

IntoRehabLogo472X248Celebrities, Athletes, Politicians & Business Leaders... No One Escapes! From Celebrity Screw-ups... to Political Shenanigans. From Sports Crack-Ups... to Business Leaders bankrupting their reputations and their companies. Even the rest of us... teachers, cops, working stiffs and the man on the street... no one is immune to the lure of temptation. Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, greed or just plain stupid! See Who Did It... What Did They Do... and find out What's Their Problem... all with a wink and a smile.

Whether going into rehab, getting into trouble, or simply behaving over the top in public... we've got it all right here! At Into Rehab no cow is sacred, no height is too lofty, and no reputation is worth saving. We tell it like it is... with style and humor. We've got the snark and the spark... and we don't keep you in the dark. See how we earned our reputation as the guys that need to go - Into Rehab!

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