How to clean any flat screen TV or monitor

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A squirt bottle full of distilled water and cleaning cloths held in hand
Behold the horror of our before image! Michael Gariffo

Monitors and TVs are one of those things you tend to set up and then forget about, despite how much of our lives we spend staring at them. As the days and weeks wear on, these invaluable parts of our daily routine collect dust, pet hair, liquid droplets, and other debris, just like any other surface in your home.  You probably paid hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the device, so you want to be sure you're cleaning it the right way, without doing any damage to it. We're here to show you the simple, dirt-cheap method that's still the absolute best, safest way to get your flat screen TV or monitor sparkling clean.

How to clean a flat screen TV or Monitor

Materials needed:

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Estimated cost: $11-18 for dozens or hundreds of cleanings

Watch our step-by-step video below and skip ahead to read instead.

Several cleaning cloths held in hand
From left to right: A lens cloth included with prescription eyeglasses, an inexpensive microfiber cloth, a cleaning pad, and a cloth included with a monitor, some or all of which you probably have laying around. Michael Gariffo
A one gallon jug of distilled water held in hand
Some distilled water is literally all the cleaning fluid you'll need for most jobs. Michael Gariffo
A cleaning cloth and squeeze bottle of distilled water held in hand
Michael Gariffo
An image of a PC monitor after cleaning
And here's the after...  Michael Gariffo

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