SEO best practice: How to write effective title tags in 2022

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30-second summary:

  • Keep the title concise with meaningful rather than fluffy word (5 to 12 words)
  • High-priority words should be placed at the start of the title which should be less than 70 characters in length
  • Do not use any single word more than twice
  • Use keyword phrases in the precise way they are searched for, and have been analyzed using a keyword analysis tool. Word order is important and the research only applies to the exact phrase. Check the autocomplete tool to check that the title is one recommended as a suggestion
  • Don’t use multiple phrases – research a longtail phrase that includes 3-5 keywords you are targeting
  • Write a keyword-rich title tag that has minimum stop words, but is sensible and appealing to human. You need to make your title very attractive to your users so they will click on it
  • Your title should call for a response and satisfy exactly what the searcher is looking for (i.e. to buy something, learn something, fix something, avoid something, hire something…). Remember this is your hook and bait when fishing via the search engines!

In this article, I provide a review of title optimization I undertook for my own pages and sites and I share my findings with you.

The title element of a web page needs to be an accurate and concise description of a page’s content. A title tag tells both search engines and users what the topic of a particular page is. It is, therefore, a major item that you need to carefully develop and test prior to publishing your page.

Creating a compelling title tag will pull in more visits from the search results[1]. Thus, it’s important to not

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