Optimization Tips for Your SEO Career (and Your Life)

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What does it take to advance your career?

Knowledge? Absolutely. Skills? Most definitely. But there is another element, one so important that without it, knowledge and skills lie dormant: Action.

In my experience, the ability to take action sits firmly on the foundation of a strong mindset. Consider these scenarios:

  • Have you wanted to answer a question at work that you were sure you knew the answer to, but doubt crept in and you remained silent?

  • Perhaps you were in a team meeting and wanted to put yourself forward for an exciting opportunity, but instead shrunk away?

  • Or maybe you were part of a new, exciting project, however, felt unworthy of being there. So instead of actively contributing, you sat frozen with imposter syndrome.

You are not alone. Last year, I spoke to many people within the SEO industry about their biggest struggles. They talked about the difficulty in progressing their career, improving their salary, saying yes to opportunities, or even speaking up in meetings. As we peeled away the layers to the real problem, the issues ran deep. Lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, and a less than empowering self-image or lack of self-esteem.

Organizations allocate vast amounts of resources to create environments that encourage development and a sense of belonging. And in the ever-changing landscape of the SEO industry, continuous learning is key. There is a wealth of available knowledge to tap into, all aimed at improving skills, be it analytical, technical, content, etc. All of these are hugely important. I’ve been involved in these educational initiatives myself, and know how passionate all those involved are about helping colleagues grow, thrive,

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