Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini Wireless review: This mouse made me a believer

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The Pulsar Xlite V2 Mini is a smaller version of Pulsar's original flagship mouse, with all of the same improvements seen in the V2 edition of its larger sibling. The device is something of a rarity in gaming mice: a legitimately small ergo mouse. If you're not familiar with the term ergo, it's just a shortening of "ergonomic," and is generally used to refer to any mouse with an asymmetrical shape and curves designed to fit into the human hand comfortably. 

Ergo mice are traditionally on the larger end of the scale, with very few exceptions. Iconic ergos include models like Razer's Basilisk line, Zowie's EC series, and various entries in Logitech's G500 and G600/700 series. These are traditionally hand-filling affairs that require large mitts and/or a palm grip to correctly control. They also tend to be heavy, at least relative to the sub-70g weight most symmetrical mice launch at these days. 

The original Xlite[1] broke that mold when it launched as an ultra-lightweight ergo. Its follow-up, the V2[2], made several changes to address customer feedback but kept the same general shape. Now, we have the Xlite V2 Mini Wireless[3], a mouse that takes everything that made the original a success and shrinks it down to a scale where claw grips and even fingertip grips are an option. Let's take a look at this rare beast and decide whether small, lightweight ergos are the next big gaming mouse trend, or if they should the exception. 


Connectivity  "Lag free" 2.4GHz wireless via USB
Battery life Up to 70 hours (at 1,000Hz polling rate)
RGB lighting 1 downfiring LED
Sensor PAW3370 (50-20,000 DPI, 400IPS, 50G acceleration)
Programmable buttons 5

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