The best early Amazon Prime Day 2022 console gaming deals

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Console gaming is one of those rare hobbies that's actually gotten cheaper over the years. Back in the olden days of physical discs and (gasp!) cartridges, your options for budget-friendly games and accessories were pretty much limited to whatever you could find in the bargain bin of your local game store, or used copies of games that looked like they'd starred in the unlucky part of a monster truck rally. 

Now, the limitless availability of digital download copies of games, amazing indie, and live service games, and well-made third-party accessories has led to an environment where you can get your hands on more games than you're likely to have time to play through. 

We're here to help you use this year's Amazon Prime Day sale to snag even more games, controllers, headsets, and other gaming must-haves for every major console. Read on for deals on some of the hottest titles and the most vital peripherals. 

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