7 summer book recommendations from open source enthusiasts

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7 summer book recommendations from open source enthusiasts Joshua Allen Holm Tue, 06/21/2022 - 03:00
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4 readers like this

It is my great pleasure to introduce Opensource.com's 2022 summer reading list. This year's list contains seven wonderful reading recommendations from members of the Opensource.com community. You will find a nice mix of books covering everything from a fun cozy mystery to non-fiction works that explore thought-provoking topics. I hope you find something on this list that interests you.


Book title 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know
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O'Reilly Press

97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts, edited by Kevlin Henney and Trisha Gee

Recommendation written by Seth Kenlon

Written by 73 different authors working in all aspects of the software industry, the secret to this book's greatness is that it actually applies to much more than just Java programming. Of course, some chapters lean into Java, but there are topics like Be aware of your container surroundings, Deliver better software, faster, and Don't hIDE your tools that apply to development regardless of language.

Better still, some chapters apply to life in general. Break problems and tasks into small chunks is good advice on how to tackle any problem, Build diverse teams is important for every group of collaborators, and From puzzles to products is a fascinating look at how the mind of a puzzle-solver can apply to many different job roles.

Each chapter is just a few pages, and with 97 to choose from, it's easy to skip over the ones that don't apply to you. Whether you write Java code all day, just dabble,

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