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How to Measure the Quality of Your SEO Traffic Using Google Analytics

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Before you start reading, I'll forewarn you that this article will start with a tweet and end with a challenge. Sound good?

From one of my favorite SEO role models, and founder of Women in Tech SEO, Areej AbuAli[1]


So, before getting lost in the sauce in the various metrics, it’s important you understand that your business goals are unique to you, so the way you measure your goals should reflect that. From there, the next steps are to get a better grasp of what quality traffic means for your website, and then evaluate how users engage with your content. 

To get a better understanding of what’s considered “quality traffic”, we’ll look into various Google Analytics metrics[2] that will help you create a rock solid SEO strategy. 

Why does quality of traffic matter for SEO success?

At the end of the day, quality traffic is what accelerates business success, especially for post-publishing optimization. 

For example, let’s assume your blog has 200 visitors per month with a conversion rate of 1%, generating two leads. By improving the quality of your traffic, your conversion rate and number of leads will also increase:

  • Traffic: 200

  • Conversion rate: 4%

  • Leads: 8

This indicates that “superfan” visitors are far more engaged and therefore more profitable than moderately excited users. Google’s new page experience algorithm update[3] further solidifies this statement. 

It’s become crystal clear that the way that consumers interact with your website contributes to your business growth. 

How do you measure the quality of your organic traffic in Google Analytics?

We can go on and on about Google Analytics, but today we’re

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