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Best iPad keyboards 2021: Improve your productivity

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Apple has a full lineup of iPads (check out our best iPad article[2]), ranging from the small iPad Mini up to the large iPad Pro 12.9-inch. Apple has a couple of external hardware keyboard options with a few others available from third parties. The iPad Mini is a bit too small for a keyboard to add much value, although, a few of us used netbooks with tiny hardware keyboards and were able to enter text quite well back in the day.

Apple's iPadOS continues to improve in the areas of trackpad support and keyboard shortcuts, so full keyboard support is not available natively from Apple. The OS also continues to get more capable, making a combination of the iPad and a keyboard worthy to serve as the primary computing device for some people.

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Connection Method: Smart Connector | Battery Life (for Bluetooth models): N/A | Dimensions: 29.2x23.9x2.2 cm | Weight: 1 kg | Key Travel: 1mm  | Backlit: Yes | Compatibility: iPad Pro 11 (3rd gen), iPad Air (4th gen), iPad Pro 12.9 (5th gen) 

Apple released the Magic Keyboard in early 2020 with a new unique form factor with a floating cantilever design and magnetic attachment to your iPad. You can find the perfect viewing angle with this keyboard, but it is very expensive.

The keyboard supports Multi-Touch gestures and the cursor functionality of iPadOS. There is a USB-C port on the side of the Magic Keyboard hinge that you can use to charge up the iPad so that you can use the iPad port to connect to another device.


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