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The 100% Free Tech SEO ( Beyond) Site Audit Checklist

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For SEO agencies, consultants, and website owners

As an SEO consultant, I was always on the lookout for a good SEO audit checklist. One that I could use and present to my clients. One I could modify to my own needs. One that covered all the important SEO bases. One that was up-to-date. And importantly, one that I didn't have to pay several hundred dollars for.

This, my SEO friends, is that checklist. And Moz is making it available to you.

One cool thing about this audit checklist is that you can perform it almost entirely 100% for free, or using free versions of SEO tools. This is important for SEO starting out on a budget, or small business owners who want to learn to audit a small site on their own.

That said, if you're looking to audit medium/large sites or more than a few pages at a time, you likely want to look into more scalable solutions, such as our Moz Pro Site Crawl[1] including our new Performance Metrics Beta[2].

Regardless, you're probably ready to dive in...

Get The Audit Checklist[3]

Screenshot of the Tech SEO Checklist spreadsheet.

Admittedly, we're big fans of a lot of good SEO audit checklists out there, including Annielytics Site Audit Checklist[4], Andy Drinkwater's Checklist[5], and the audits available at SEOSLY[6].

We also like the audit checklist by Benjamin Estes[7] over at BrainLabs, in particular, the pass/fail selector for each item. While our own audit is substantially different, we stole incorporated this feature into our own.

Site Audit Coverage

Originally, we set out

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