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Emerging technology superpower: change and build applications at the speed of business

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The ultimate digital skill is the ability to change. And for both technology and business professionals, the growing ability to quickly adapt or build applications on the fly to meet any situation is a superpower that's not only going to increase the agility of organizations, but pave the way to more interesting careers enriched with lifelong learning. That's the word from Don Schuerman[1], CTO of Pegasystems[2]. In a recent discussion[3] with Shelly Kramer[4], founding partner and senior analyst at Futurum Research[5], he points to the need for flexibility in technology development and management.

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"Change to me is a digital skill," says Schuerman. "It's a skill that an organization needs to grow. It's a skill that organizations need to train into their people -- that fluidity, comfort with iteration. I think one of the positive things that's come out of the last year is I've seen a lot of organizations learn what agile truly means. When you put the pressure of urgency behind things, traditional project approaches go out the window, and you then just start trying things and iterating. You roll out an app in five days because you don't have a choice but to roll it out in five days. And. by the way, if there's stuff that we missed, we'll get it the next time. Or we may learn we never really even needed it that much to begin with."

In addition to a tech savvy workforce, there is a portion of the workforce that needs reskilling and upskilling, and low-code is a way to bring people into the changing dynamics of today's enterprises. "It's a tremendous opportunity to take people who are smart, who understand the company,

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