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6 Common Google SERP Feature Misconceptions in SEO

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The author's views are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz.

As SEO professionals, we can easily fall behind on the latest Google search engine result page (SERP[1]) features. Frequent updates keep us on our toes, and also keep our jobs interesting.

Recently, I teamed up with fellow Moz writer and all-round brilliant SEO, Izzi Smith[2], to create a new SEO quiz series named “SERP Pursuit”. The quiz is still open, if you’d like to test your knowledge[3] of Google’s SERP features.

The outcome of the quiz was a collection of insights from the SEO community about different SERP feature topics, including the questions where participants may have struggled or become confused.

Thanks to everyone that shared and participated in the quiz! The top question in the series received 825 answers – providing a strong sample size. For each question, the sample size has been included along with the question.

The six common misconceptions found in our data relate to structured data (in terms of schema.org[4]), Featured Snippets, unpaid Shopping tab listings (now referred to as “free product listings”), and also Web Stories.

Here are the questions, the answers to those questions, along with further details explaining why the correct answer is as such.

  1. FAQ and How-To Schema rich results[5]

  2. Using too much Structured Data markup[6]

  3. Structured Data influencing Featured Snippets[7]

  4. Scroll-to-text with Featured Snippets[8]

  5. Unpaid Shopping tab listing inputs[9]

  6. Web Story device type rich results[10]

1. What is the maximum number of FAQ and How-To schema rich results that can appear on the first page of Google?

The maximum number of FAQ and How-To schema rich results

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