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Welcome to 2021: A new normal? Or new era for CRM/CX/CE?

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Happy New Year, everyone! I'm going to start by apologizing for 2020. 

Not for COVID-19[1]. But for not writing as much as I intended or wanted. I love writing and analysis and being opinionated and trying to at least explain existing ground -- if not break new ground. And, while I don't think that my opinion is much more than that, I owe it to myself to put it out there. So, my No. 1 New Year's Resolution is to write a lot more. Since I'm on record as saying I'm going to write more, that will hold me accountable. 

Look, I don't know what you all think, but -- even with the vaccine -- we are months to a year away from even the beginning of a "return"  to a "new normalcy" to rejigger an old expression. (The expression was "return to normalcy," and it was the campaign slogan of Warren G. Harding, who may have been the second or third worst president in US history.[2]) Even when we get there, it's got to be apparent to every one of us that what we used to see as business as usual is no longer even a memory -- much less a truism or dictate.

To that end, I'm making 2021 the year of a long haul to hope. I'm going to be not only launching a significant number of projects but am going to be looking at the changes and evolution of what customer engagement has to be to meet the standards of the not fully evident new normal. I am going to do is try to define the standards, framework, systems, and practices that will universally stand strong regardless of how the new normal shapes up. I'm going to put enough stakes

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