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Thesis and Adobe prove SEO content doesn’t have to be boring to be useful

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30-second summary:

  • To make Adobe findable via non-Adobe keywords, Thesis created over 100 helpful, entertaining, professionally informed, SEO-rich articles to draw people closer to the brand.
  • Thesis’ writing director, Tyler Stenson describes a very interesting process of how they worked with Adobe to create valuable, engaging, and unique SEO content.
  • This article serves as a great focal point on how to create helpful, entertaining, professionally informed articles that actually build relations and help people reach their goals.  

Adobe is the industry standard for creative software. Most makers know this, but what about the rest of the internet? To make Adobe findable via non-Adobe keywords, Thesis, a digital agency in Portland, Oregon, created over 100 helpful, entertaining, professionally informed, SEO content to draw people closer to the brand. 

Adobe recognized that they were findable in search engines through all of the expected product names and branded phrases—search well-known products like Photoshop or InDesign and Adobe dominates search results. But seek out unexpected subjects like food photography or vector illustration and the company with the industry-leading products for these types of creative outlets were falling short.  

A modern editorial approach 

Tasked by Adobe with increasing search traffic to Adobe.com to attract new audiences with new interests, Thesis took a modern editorial approach. They wielded data—strategically researched keyword opportunities—in concert with rich editorial articles and tutorials to orchestrate a seismic SEO effort that aimed to pull people closer to the Adobe brand. 

To be truly helpful, these SEO articles required more than desk research. They required a unique point of view that comes with experience and talent. So Thesis built a database of more than 100 subject matter experts (SMEs)—professional photographers, designers, illustrators, videographers, editors, colorists, sound engineers, and even ASMRtists—and Thesis’s writers interviewed them.

The writer made sure they made

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