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Google Pixel 4A: FCC approval, possible July reveal, and everything else we know so far

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Last year, Google released the Pixel 3A and 3A XL in early May[1], timed with the opening day of its annual developer conference, Google I/O[2] The two devices were excellent mid-range smartphones[3], giving owners a superb camera experience at half the cost of the company's flagship smartphones. 

A year later, rumors, leaks, and speculation about its successor, the Pixel 4A, are at an all-time high as we wait for Google to officially unveil its newest phone. 

What will it be called?

  • We assume Pixel 4A

Tech companies are creatures of habit, as are consumers, so we can only assume Google will stick with the same naming scheme as last year and use Pixel 4A as the name. 

We still don't know what the "A" means, but one could assume it means "Affordable."

Images posted to Twitter by TechDroider[4] appear to show the Pixel 4A's box, confirming the name and giving us a glimpse at the design. 

Wait, what about the Pixel 4A XL?

  • It doesn't look likely

Good question. Last year, Google released two sizes of its budget-friendly phone, but rumors about the 4A line all point to a single, smaller device. 

Sources have told Android Authority[5] to expect only the Pixel 4A this year. Something that's backed up by the number of leaks and reports, all of which only feature one phone. 

What will the Pixel 4A cost?

  • All signs point to $399... maybe less

Google launched the Pixel 3A priced at $399, and that price makes sense one year later. But with competition from Samsung's Galaxy A51 and Apple's iPhone SE at that price point, it's possible Google will price the 4A a little lower

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