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Firefox 60 will show 'sponsored stories' but you can disable them, says Mozilla

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Video: How Mozilla plans to win back Firefox users.

Mozilla is following through with previously announced plans to add sponsored content to new tabs in Firefox 60.

The browser maker revealed[1] in January that Firefox beta users would start to see "an occasional sponsored story" in the Pocket recommendations section of new tabs.

The feature was shown to a "small portion of US users" initially but with Firefox 60, scheduled for general release on May 9, it will go "fully live" for US users.

The sponsored stories expand Firefox's integration with Pocket, which Mozilla acquired in 2017 and has, as of Firefox Quantum, been used to power content recommendations in new tabs based on popular content saved to Pocket.

That feature has only rolled out to users in the US, Canada and Germany. Pocket also sends a list of related websites to trending stories that if clicked are taken as a signal of interest.

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Although sponsored content introduces a kind of advertising to Firefox, Mozilla emphasizes that its approach enables personalization without sacrificing privacy.

It also wants to avoid becoming a platform like Facebook that encourages clickbait, while also giving users the ability to opt out of sponsored content.

Mozilla has seized on Facebook's Cambridge Analytica privacy fiasco[3] to promote the idea that it can show a path to fixing the "broken" online advertising model. Its other related moves include pulling Facebook ads[4] and releasing the Facebook Container extension[5].

"We've come to accept a premise around advertising today that users

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