A year ago at its Build conference, Microsoft announced that Apple's iTunes would be coming to the (then-named) Windows Store before the end of 2017[1]. That date came and went and no iTunes.

But on April 26, with no fanfare from Microsoft, iTunes appeared in the Microsoft Store[2]. (Thanks to Petri's Brad Sams for the heads up[3].)

Apple officials said in late 2017 that it was taking the company a litttle longer than expected to "get it right."[4]

Who wants this thing?

Microsoft seemed to be interested in having Apple bring iTunes to the Store for Windows 10 S users, as that version of Windows only can run apps that are available in the Store. Microsoft has been positioning Windows 10 S as well suited for students and others who want longer battery life and better security, but are willing to trade those features for being restricted to Store apps only.

Now that Microsoft is making S a "mode" which can be dumped for free[5], it's somewhat less pressing for iTunes to be available as a Store app.

Some Apple users moving to Windows still will no doubt want to see this app available when they do a search in the Microsoft Store. This checkbox item has now been checked off.

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