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The iPhone[1] is America's favorite smartphone device, and in the 10 years it has been out[2], Apple has been wildly successful with it as a profitable business and device/application ecosystem. But as with any mature platform, there is malaise or rot that can be introduced over time with the advent of new features and more complex code.

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Here are the things we'd like to see in future versions of iOS[4] and the iPhone hardware to ...

Make iPhone Great Again (MIGA)!~

User experience annoyances

One of the things about the iOS user experience (UX) that has annoyed us since the very beginning -- and only became worse when app groups were introduced -- is the complexities of organizing launch icons, finding apps, and removing them from the home screen.

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For those of us with many apps spread over multiple home screen pages, if you don't remember what the app is called (you can use the pull down to search function if you remember what it is called, but you can only launch an app, not adjust settings or delete it), you'll find yourself scrolling through pages of stuff and poking around in all your home screen groups.

This is particularly frustrating if you want to uninstall an app that you remember the name of, can't find it in the UX, and want to uninstall it.

The other option is to go to Settings menu > General > iPhone Storage to get a list of apps, which you can

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