Google has tried a few messaging apps over the years so Kevin and I are excited that it may finally have found something to compete with iMessage. MobileTechRoundup show #430[1] kicks off with some thoughts on Chat.

motr-logo1 Image: ZDNet
  • All about Google Chat and RCS
  • Linux apps on Chromebooks with Project Crostini[2]
  • Is ZTE done with Android thanks to the US?
  • First look at Android Go (sub-$100 phones)
  • New Moto G6 and E6 handsets announced
  • Matt's writing about wearables on Android Central[3]
  • SmugMug buys Flickr

Did you also know that Kevin started up a new website, About Chromebooks[4], where he writes about his passion for Chromebooks, Chrome OS, and Chrome tablets? Make sure to check it out if you are interested at all in news, how-tos, views, and reviews. He knows his stuff and has been a Chrome user from day one.

Running time: 69 minutes

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