Robert Clyde, vice chair of ISACA Board of Directors, spoke with ZDNet's Jason Hiner at this year's RSA Conference.

Watch their conversation in the video above, or read the transcript below:

Jason Hiner: So, tell us a little bit about what ISACA does, and the kinda stuff that you're focused on right now.

Robert Clyde: Sure. So, ISACA is a professional association, but we really exist for encouraging and instilling confidence in technology. Now, that sounds like cyber security at it's core, and we also own CMMI. So, we have a mission both, for the individual professional, where we have many members and others. We have 140,000 members, a half a million professionals that engage with ISACA every single year.

Jason Hiner: Wow.

Robert Clyde: Either through certifications or knowledge that they want to get. And then, we also serve enterprises by providing them with the necessarily confidence that they can have, and the capabilities of their technology organizations.

Jason Hiner: All right, fair enough. So, you guys also do research.

Robert Clyde: We do.

Jason Hiner: And you have some recent research that's come out. And so, let's talk about, first, some of the technical parts that you found, and then there's some soft skills, or cultural parts of the research as well. But let's start with some of the technical stuff. What were some of the big findings that you guys came with?

Robert Clyde: So, on the technical side, not a big surprise, for those of us who've been in cybersecurity for a long time.

Jason Hiner: Yeah.

Robert Clyde: But we did find that more than half of our respondents expect that the threats, and the attacks will actually increase this year. As they thought last year-

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