lg-g7-thinq.png (Image: LG G7 ThinQ/Evleaks)

LG's upcoming G7 ThinQ smartphone[1] will feature a dedicated hardware button to launch Google Assistant, according to our[2] sister site CNET.

The LG G7 ThinQ's Google Assistant button will be found on the left of the device. The power button will be on the right. Like the new Galaxy S9, the G7 ThinQ will sport a fingerprint reader on the rear. LG is set to launch the G7 ThinQ at a New York launch event on May 2.

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Google Assistant is a voice-powered personal assistant that accesses info like calendar dates, news, weather, control IoT products, and much more. The G7 ThinQ will be the first flagship to have Google Assistant loaded by default to a dedicated hardware button. It won't be able to launch other voice assistants like Samsung's Bixby.

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There's no word on specification for the G7 ThinQ. However, LG has confirmed the name. LG wrote on the upcoming flagship earlier this month:

The LG G7ThinQ is an evolution of the foundation laid by the LG V30SThinQ, the first LG smartphone to embrace AI as part of its core features. The V30SThinQ incorporated AI technologies that enhanced the most frequently used features including voice recognition and Vision AI to improve camera convenience. The LG G7ThinQ will offer improved interconnectivity with LG devices such as home appliances, TVs, and more.

Evan Blass (@EvLeaks) has posted[5] purported press renders of the G7 ThinQ.

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