Video: The next stage in cybersecurity is an AI-powered data-centric model

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Jason Hiner: Hello and welcome to RSAC TV. I'm Jason Hiner, the host this morning from ZDNet and TechRepublic. Here, we're going to talk about this week lots of security experts, lots of great advice, lots of wisdom, and talk to some really smart people to help us learn a lot more about how to make cybersecurity better. Our guest this morning is Yaniv Avidan, the CEO of MinerEye. Yaniv, welcome.

Yaniv Avidan:How you doing?

Jason Hiner: Very good. Thanks for being here. You are the CEO of a company that's doing some really interesting things to make security better, make cybersecurity better and to solve one of the most persistent problems. Let's talk a little bit though about the state of security and how that got to what you guys do. We've been working for the past decade and more in security industry on moving from this model of network security where you just secure a perimeter and then once you get inside you let the people inside then you have access. That hasn't worked real well as we've moved to mobile devices and IOT and lots of other cloud and more a newer architecture. It's been more of this data centric security where you identify your most important assets, but now it's moving to the next stage, which is more like AI powered security or machine learning.

Talk to us a little about it. You've worked in the security industry for a long time. Tell us a little bit about that evolution.

Yaniv Avidan:

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