​Reserve Bank of Australia looks to upgrade servers amid 'obsolescence' review

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The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is conducting a review of the server computing solutions it currently has in place, hoping to determine whether its physical kit will still serve relevance over the next decade.

The review forms part of the RBA's Technology Strategy 2017-22, and is expected to focus specifically on if its server computing solutions, which are largely supported and operated internally within the bank's datacentres, can meet "ongoing needs" and avoid technology obsolescence.

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The central bank has identified four primary forms of server computing that it said will be required to meet the various needs of the business over the 10-year period: Stand-alone servers, converged servers, hyperconverged infrastructure, and cloud.

Currently, the RBA relies mostly on converged servers, with VMware the current internal standard used to provide the platform for the majority of its computing and server needs.

As part of its review, the RBA has turned to market, publishing an expression of interest (EOI) for the "provision of server computing solutions".

The RBA is seeking Intel-based server compute solutions, including stand-alone rack-mounted servers, converged modular and scalable chassis-based or rack-mounted servers, and a scalable hyperconverged infrastructure solution including compute and networking.

The EOI also details a requirement for a set of layered management tools covering

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