The Joomla community is made up of passionate volunteers, that truly believe in the idea of Open Source. They invest tremendous amounts of time to improve the CMS, provide support to other users or spread the word of Joomla’s awesomeness – and the better part of those people is completely “Jeck”. Time for you to become a Jeck too, by attending J&Beyond[1] on 11-13 May 2018!

Jeck is a word from the local tongue in Cologne, Germany. It’s widely used during the carnival season to describe people who are ludicrous (in a positive way), which happens from time to time while wandering around the city in a sunflower costume after drinking a couple of beers. But you can also be “Jeck about something”, which means that you are passionate and even a bit “in love” about a thing. To me, that’s the perfect description of the Joomla community: we are very passionate about Joomla, we love what we do, but we also always have great fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Enjoying our differences

Another perfect match from the local tongue is the saying “Jeder Jeck is anders”. You already know what “Jeck” is now, so giving you “every Jeck is different” as a translation should give you an idea, about what this saying is about: It’s a statement that emphasizes that everyone has his or her own cultural background, own experiences and is a truly unique person – and that he or she is perfect exactly that way! For the Joomla community that fit’s really well: we are a global community with volunteers from around the globe - nevertheless we are working on one common goal and everyone, regardless of his background, is invited to participate.

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