Like Apple, Dell has been steering its AIO range towards professional users in the last year or so, and the consumer-oriented XPS 27[1] has had its own 'pro' update in the shape of the Precision Workstation AIO 5720[2]. The Precision AIO 5720 could even teach the iMac Pro a few things about streamlined design, as its 27-inch 4K display is surrounded by only the narrowest of borders; also, at 24 inches wide and 13.5 inches high, the glass panel is noticeably more compact than the 25.5in. by 15.1in. panel of its Apple rival.

The 5K display of the iMac Pro does have higher resolution, and both the iMac Pro and Microsoft's Surface Studio support the broadcast industry DCI-P3[3] colour-space for video editing. However, the Precision's 4K display (163.2dpi) produces an impressively bright and colourful image, and supports 100 percent of the Adobe RGB colour space, so it's well suited to tasks such as graphic design, illustration and photography. It also includes both HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces, allowing you to easily work with a multiple-monitor setup if you need to. The Precision AIO 5720 has another ace up its sleeve as well, as it allows you to remove the back panel in order to replace and upgrade both memory and storage -- and with a little more effort it's even possible to remove the processor too, making the whole system far easier to service than most of its AIO rivals.

aio-2018-dell-precision-main.jpgDell's 27-inch Precision Workstation AIO is based on its XPS 27 system, adding high-end components such as Xeon processors and Radeon Pro WX graphics cards. Image: Dell

You've got plenty of scope for customization too. The mid-range model reviewed here is competitively priced, at £1,588.82

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