Huawei Australia's new chief technology officer Dr David Soldani has described the Chinese networking giant's plans for pushing 5G technology in Australia, with his ultimate goals being to form a collaborative ecosystem with partners and customers and spearhead discussions with the federal government.

Speaking on the sidelines of the CommsDay Summit in Sydney on Monday, Soldani told ZDNet that after a year and a half out of the 5G business, he will be firstly looking to "reconnect" with how the industry has moved on the networking technology.

"Especially in terms of innovative technology -- wireless is what really matters in here," Soldani told ZDNet.

"At the same time, we're supporting the communication ... [with] the people that are dealing with the systems, the vendors and operators but also the public sector, so I'm targeting also to communicate directly with the national government."

According to Soldani, such communication with the Australian government will involve making clear there's a "separation" between the wireless area, where Huawei intends to place its 5G focus, and the core network being provided by others, with Huawei willing to communicate this to the government "with any kind of level of details".

The next step in Huawei's Australian 5G play will be collecting and contributing to 5G standards and requirements ahead of the upcoming 3GPP meeting[1] in the Gold Coast in September, and to help its customers transform their 5G "willingness" into networks.

"What we are doing now is we are sitting with our customers and trying to understand what it needs," he explained.

"One of the key requirements coming from them now is the spectrum allocation, and the coexistence of the 5G with the LTE ... you need to find the right combination of bands. So

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