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depositphotos.jpgDepositphotos offers some 60 million photos and vector images. AppSumo offers a truly unbeatable deal on 100 of them. Depositphotos

Stock photos -- the kind you're allowed to use for business or commercial purposes -- can be really expensive.

Indeed, if you've ever priced them from a service like ShutterStock, you know that a package of 25 royalty-free images will run you a hefty $229.

And competitor Depositphotos[3] charges an even heftier $299, though that nets you 100 images. Hey, I'm a small biz; I don't have that kind of money lying around to spend on photos!

That's why I'm super-jazzed about today's deal. For a limited time, and while "supplies" last (this deal can sell out), AppSumo is offering 100 photo/vector downloads from Depositphotos for $49[4]. That's pretty sweet.

So sweet, in fact, that I snatched up this deal the last time AppSumo offered it. And I've since found it invaluable for a variety of marketing and design purposes. Heck, I even used one image for the cover of my (shameless self-promotion alert!) self-published book[5].

Depositphotos offers a pretty mammoth image library (around 60 million and counting), and they're not only royalty-free, but also suitable for commercial use. (Those two don't always go hand-in-hand.)

That means you can use the images however you see fit (short of actually reselling

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