BevNET's Mike Schneider tells TechRepublic's Tonya Hall how food/beverage companies use clever marketing strategies like approaching Instagram social-influencers, to market and sell new products.

Watch the video interview above or read the full transcript below.

Tonya Hall: Buying beverages with Bitcoin on the Dark Web. Hi I'm Tonya Hall with ZDNet, and today we're gonna talk to Mike Shneider, otherwise known as Schneider Mike. He is the chief marketing officer of BevNET. He is responsible for project NOSH and he's the host of Taste Radio Podcast. Welcome Mike.

Mike Schneider: Thanks Tonya. It's good to be here.

Tonya Hall: So what is BevNET?

Mike Schneider: BevNET's a media channel. We cover the food and beverage industries and the beer industry through various channels. We started off as a magazine. We have a website,,, We have podcasts. We have videos. We have events. BevNet live is coming up in December.

Tonya Hall: Put that on your calendars, right? You should be there.

Mike Schneider: Fun times.

Tonya Hall: So you've been in the marketing space for a long time. I've known you for many years. You've worked for a variety of different companies. The product that you have now is a tangible product that you actually traditionally would go to the store and buy, you knew what you liked, you pretty much stuck to it.

Mike Schneider: Right.

Tonya Hall: Now you can actually buy things, products like beverages, online. In fact it's direct-to-consumer. It certainly changed my life. I order a lot of things on Amazon including beverages. How has that made an impact on the beverage industry?

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