The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has said it warned three National Broadband Network (NBN) retailers on not providing sufficient critical information on their broadband offerings.

In what it called an "intelligence sweep" of all 131 retailers offering NBN services, the ACMA said 97 percent provided one or more critical information summaries (CIS) on their websites, but that Your Call Telecom, EHW Technology, and Easy Internet Services received formal warnings for not doing so.

"Each provider promptly addressed their non-compliance by developing CIS and including them on their websites," the ACMA added.

A CIS, required under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code, must include a description of the service, additional charge information, minimum terms, and inclusions, exclusions, and conditions.

At the time of the review -- between November 16 and December 24, 2017 -- the ACMA said just 7 percent of retailers were adhering to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) speed advertising guidelines[1]; 11 percent were providing information on typical peak period speeds; 22 percent were providing information on how customers can test their broadband speeds; and 80 percent were providing information on factors that affect the speed and quality of their broadband services.

The ACMA added that it is now drafting rules that will specify the information needing to be provided to customers on data speeds and conditions that could affect those data speeds, and will consult on those rules "shortly".

The new ACMA rules are also likely to cover information about power outages and over-the-top services including medical alarm systems, and it is additionally continuing its examination into the impact modems can have on service quality.

"The ACMA is aware that the performance of some modems

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