Video: Where Facebook and Cambridge Analytica went wrong

The data breach at Facebook, perpetrated by Cambridge Analytica, has sent shockwaves throughout Facebook users. Communication strategist Brian Reich, of Little M Media, tells TechRepublic's Tonya Hall, "Over time, as we've gotten more conscious of privacy, or just our desire as consumers to control access to information about ourselves, or our behaviors online, or even offline, more and more rules and regulations have been put in place."

Tonya Hall: Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. What should marketers and political campaigns take away from this? I'm Tonya Hall for ZDNet and joining me is Brian Reich. He's a partner at Little M Media. Welcome, Brian.

Brian Reich: Thanks for having me.

Tonya Hall: What do you do at Little M Media?

Brian Reich: We are communication strategists. I am a speech writer and a lot of focus on how people get and share information, and how to influence or shape the way they think or behave, through various forms of communication.

Tonya Hall: You actually started at one of the largest agencies in the world and served as an advisor at some high-level political campaigns, so you really have used this kind of data collection that we're going to talk about today, that's been getting a lot of attention at Cambridge Analytica. It got Facebook in some pretty big trouble. And gathering data on customers and markets is standard practice for agencies and campaigns, so why is the Cambridge Analytica story so important? What are the key facts here?

Brian Reich: Well, I think you have to start by just acknowledging that over the past, say decade, maybe 15 years, there has been a

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