Windows 10: New app lets you see what data Microsoft is collecting

Microsoft is reorganizing yet again, as it does almost every year.


But this isn't just any ordinary reorg, especially for a company that not so long ago was putting almost all its eggs in the Windows basket. Today's plan, which CEO Satya Nadella disclosed to Microsoft employees on the morning of March 29[1], includes some huge changes to the Windows organization.

Terry Myerson, who has headed up Microsoft's Windows business since 2013, is leaving the company. Myerson is "pursu(ing) his next chapter outside Microsoft," said Nadella in his email to the troops. He will stay at Microsoft for a few months to help with the transition, officials said today.

Microsoft is carving up Myerson's Windows and Devices Group (WDG), moving some pieces of it into one of two new engineering units announced this morning. Some parts of WDG will move under Executive Vice President Rajesh Jha, who is in charge of the new Experiences & Devices org; other components will go to Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie, who is running the newly minted Cloud + AI Platform. Harry Shum, executive vice president of AI & Research, will continue to head up that somewhat streamlined organization, which Microsoft created in 2016[2].

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Microsoft currently is structured around a handful of key teams: WDG, Office, Cloud and Enterprise, AI + Research, and Gaming. Today's shakeup affects all these, though gaming basically will remain its own entity. LinkedIn, which also largely operates on its own[4], is not affected.

In describing today's reorg, Nadella said the moves are part of Microsoft's

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