Video: Samsung says Bixby 2.0 is coming to Galaxy Note 9

We are still a few months away from knowing anything concrete about Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, but that isn't going to stop us from covering the various leaks and rumors leading up to its launch.

As one of the more business-focused smartphones available, Samsung's Galaxy Note line has a huge following and fanfare, even after that whole battery debacle.

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Here's what the rumor mill is currently saying about the next Note:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Release date

  • Might debut in August 2018
  • If so, it'd release soon after

There's no set date yet.

If Samsung's previous release schedule for the Note line is any indication, we should expect to see the Galaxy Note 9 announced in late August, with a release to follow a week or two later.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Design

  • Don't expect a design overhaul
  • Might have a fingerprint sensor in front display

Not much is known about the Galaxy Note 9's design quite yet.

Using the Galaxy S9's design as a baseline, I think it's safe to say we only see minor changes to the Galaxy Note 9 in comparison to the Galaxy Note 8. For example, the Galaxy S9 lineup moved the fingerprint sensor from below the camera instead of next to it. Other than that, there really wasn't a huge difference and not much else changed.

Rumors have gone back and forth regarding Samsung using a fingerprint sensor embedded

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