Video: Digital transformation advice for CIOs (CXOTalk)

During my recent conversation with Aaron Levie[1], the CEO of Box[2], or the company's "chief magician," as his title used to read, he presented specific advice for CIOs during this period of digital transformation in change.

You can catch part one of our conversation and watch the entire video, which was episode 278[3] of the CXOTalk series of conversations with the world's top innovators[4]. View the video excerpt above and read Aaron's edited comments below for insightful thoughts directed toward chief information officers.

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The bottom line: Being adaptable is the key to maintaining CIO relevance to the business.

Connect between the new IT stack, culture, the role of the CIO, and where CIOs fit into this world?

We need to think about how do we take this set of technologies -- again whether it's Slack, Facebook Workplace, or Box -- and how do you marry that with the cultural change that that organization is trying to drive? Often, it will come from a few discrete or distinct business initiatives.

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Sometimes that might be that a company is trying. Let's say it's a retail operation and that company is trying to communicate with all of their retail environments. They want to be able to make sure everybody is aligned with maybe its new promotions, new policies, or new cultural efforts. Something like Facebook Workplace then, all of a sudden, becomes maybe the tool

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