Microsoft officials hinted earlier this year that they were working on new ways to deliver virtual desktop/app capabilities in Windows 10 that they'd make available later this year. Word is starting to trickle out[1] about what might be in the works.


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) currently is a Windows Server role that allows users to interact with apps hosted on servers, not on their PCs. Many companies use this approach to provide app-access to firstline/frontline workers, as well for certain remote-working situations.

Last year, Microsoft officials said they were working on a "Modern" refresh of RDS, as outlined in a February 2018 Directons on Microsoft Report entitled "Updates Coming to Remote Desktop Services"[2] (accessible to members only).

"Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure (RDmi), planned for general availability in late 2018, will bring changes to RDS that could make it more attractive to host the service in Azure, in addition to offering improvements to security and other benefits," said the Directions on Microsoft report.

At the moment, Microsoft's roadmap about the changes coming to RDS is currently incomplete, Directions on Microsoft noted. Beyond saying new RDS capabilities will be available in the Semi-Annual Channel version (a k a Redstone 5/1809) in some way, Microsoft has yet to share specifics.

Some of my contacts recently mentioned a new "multi-session" feature that's likely to be introduced around October 2018 as part of Windows 10 "Redstone 5"/1809. In the past couple of weeks, I've started seeing references around the Web about the possible existence of such a feature. This is functionality for which a number of IT Pros have been asking for some time[3].

Last week, with Microsoft's delivery of a first preview of Windows Server 2019[4], speculation

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