Apple in the Enterprise: A Strategic Guide [1]

Once a pariah in the enterprise, Apple has quietly emerged as a darling of executives and professionals because of the ease of use of the iPhone and the iPad. We look at how the influx of Apple devices is changing the tech landscape in business.


Apple is holding an event at a Chicago high school on Tuesday and it's likely that the company will roll out new iPads with an education market twist. The hardware approach is vintage Apple, but the company has one huge issue in the education market: Google.

The platform battle in K-12 is one for the future of platforms. Apple historically has been strong in education and was in the market early in its history. I still remember the Apple IIc like it was yesterday. Toss in the iPhone, iPad and the Mac and Apple has a solid footprint in education.

Apple's March 27 event: What to expect and how to watch[3]

But the education game has shifted to an approach that favors Google and Microsoft. Simply put, Apple can roll out whatever hardware it wants, but its devices will likely be used with G Suite and Google Classroom or education flavors of Office 365. There are instances where Apple's app-centric approach works well for school district, but the cost of Chromebooks and G Suite are hard to beat.

In this Google education world, the likes of Apple have to compete with $40 a year for a student to take home a Chromebook and get a new one every three years

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