Now that Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S9[1] and S9 Plus[2], it's time for our attention to move to what is perhaps the most important smartphone launch of the year -- the new iPhone.

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The iPhone launch might be months away, but the leaks and rumors are already swirling, and with WWDC 2018[4] just around the corner, the unveiling of iOS 12 might give us some clues as to what Apple might have in store for us.

So what do we know about the next iPhone?

Well, the first mystery is the name.

iPhone 11 seems the most likely pick (for now, at any rate), following in the footsteps of the iPhone X (where X is pronounced "ten," although given how many people I know call it "X," there's clearly a lot of brand confusion out there). But I've come across a number of other possible names:

  • iPhone XI
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone X Plus

Another possibility is that Apple simplifies the line-up and switches to calling the new iPhone simply iPhone.

What about the release date?

Well, the timeline that we were used to was a September launch. However, last year Apple launched the iPhone 8[5] and iPhone 8 Plus[6] in September, but the iPhone X[7] didn't land for another month. The consensus this time around is that Apple won't be staggering releases this year, so we can expect the new iPhones to land in September.

Now let's move

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