Video marketing has been getting huge for a few years now.

Videos allow companies to reach a wider audience (thanks to the popularity of powerful video marketing platforms) and to increase sales and conversions (videos have been found to be the easiest way to explain your selling points).

But how easy it is to really see ROI from your video marketing campaigns?

These days, every other company is implementing video marketing tactics in some way or another. Whether it’s publicizing video testimonials and reviews or creating educational video resources (in the form of webinars or courses), there’s a lot of brand-owned video content floating around.

But how many of those companies have achieved real tangible results from those video production efforts? And what exactly is ROI when it comes to video marketing? Does it all come to investing huge budgets into video production and promotion?

Not exactly. Here are three ways to up your video marketing game before you decide to invest more into it:

1. Start with defining your goals

It’s astounding how many video creators don’t quite understand why they are doing video in the first place. The usual arguments “My competitors are doing that” and “It seems to be a thing now“often come into play here.

It’s never good to do anything just for the sake of doing it, not just in marketing, mind you. The question “What I am trying to achieve here” always comes first.

For marketing and business purposes, here are a few long-term goals you may want to consider:

Manage your reputation

Videos work great for bringing your point across. You can use videos to tell more about

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