Video: Data Caper: How Cambridge Analytica hoarded voters' personal details

I wish Facebook [1]worked for me and looked out for me and my communities -- instead of trying to sell me out at every opportunity.

I wish Facebook kept an eye out for me -- instead of keeping an eye on everything I do.

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If Facebook worked...

If Facebook worked for me, it wouldn't have to keep guessing the news sources or people I want to see in my news feed. I'd gladly tell it. And it wouldn't have to worry about developing ad technologies and new ways to sell more stuff.

If Facebook worked for me, I would pay it to make sure my mom can still get to my photos. I'd pay for messaging, calendar, and other services.

If Facebook worked for me, it wouldn't need to collect, store, analyze, and sell all that private information. It wouldn't need to build all that IT infrastructure.

If Facebook worked for me, it could just sit back and relax and make sure the servers are plugged-in, maintain some APIs, and collect regular monthly subscriptions.

Facebook wouldn't need to keep up in the crazy digital advertising world or have to find new ways to spy on its own users or keep getting into trouble for selling the wrong data to the wrong people.

It could become a safe, fun place to hang with friends and family, and everyone would like CEO Mark Zuckerberg again.

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And it would have

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