WordPress is a beloved Content Management System and blogging is a highly idolized profession.

The two are millennial-favorite elements of the modern online world, and when combined, can help people monetize their passion. As of some Internet reports[1], there are currently more than 440 million blogs in the world. That’s a lot, right?

The figure also points towards the mammoth online competition faced by all the existing blogs and even the new ones coming up. Since the viewership is divided among so many online resources, earning your blog’s fair share of traffic can be a tough task.

Driving traffic to a blog has never been an easy or low-cost (whether in terms of money, time, or effort) endeavor. Some of the world’s most amazing blogs follow a full-fledged guide in order to drive traffic to their WordPress blogs.

We have the guide for you, right here.

Make your blog blazing fast

By this time, probably everyone knows that if your blog/website doesn’t load within three seconds, the blog abandonment ratio will be high, and that isn’t favored by search engines.

A fast loading speed[2] will make sure that your blog’s dwell time is substantial and that people readily visit your posts again and again.

Regular blogging is the key

Successful bloggers make sure that they put up stuff for their audience to see on a regular interval, as promised. When loyal readership begins to build on your blog, you will have to be disciplined by bringing up new content every time.

If you are someone who has a hard time maintaining uniformity, WordPress’ Editorial Calendar plugin[3] can be your solution. This plugin helps you schedule

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