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The internet of things (IoT) enables businesses to gather data and insights in ways that were never possible before. ZDNet's sister site, Tech Pro Research[1], wants to know how companies are taking advantage of this technology.

If your company is using IoT devices, or incorporating the technology into products you sell, take a minute and fill out this quick survey[2]. You'll be asked 13 or fewer multiple choice questions, including the following:

  • How is your company using, or planning to use, IoT devices?
  • Does your company have an IoT strategy?
  • What data is your company collecting?
  • What is the data being used for?
  • What challenges has your company had in realizing the benefits of IoT?
  • Has your company had trouble finding skilled workers for IoT projects?

All responses are confidential and data from the survey will be used in a future Tech Pro Research report. Anyone who completes the survey can sign up to receive a free copy of the report, which is normally only available to Tech Pro Research subscribers.

Click here to take the survey.[3]

Tech Pro Research reports are published monthly, in conjunction with ZDNet special features on topics like autonomous transportation, smart offices, and the future of IT jobs. To see data from past Tech Pro Research surveys, check out the following:

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