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As the line between smart home products and home security continues to blur, it only makes sense for hybrid solutions to begin to surface.

Take the SmartThings ADT home security starter kit as an example. Samsung and ADT both are well respected in the smart home and home security industries, respectively. For the past few months, I've been living with the starter kit in my home.

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At times, I forget it was even installed, save for the chimes when one of my doors would open. Other times, I appreciated the reassurance of having a home security system installed and ready to alert myself and authorities should anything go wrong.

SmartThings ADT Home Security: Installation

samsung-adt-1.jpgSmartThings ADT window/door detector (Image: Jason Cipriani/ZDNet)

I'm fortunate enough to live in a house I spent a lot of time in while growing up. It has an old security system that hasn't had service for years. I remember watching a crew of installers come and drill holes into doors, window frames, and fish wire through the drywall for the motion detectors. It took two people an entire day and many tools to install the now-archaic system.

In contrast, I spent about 15 minutes installing the ADT Security Hub and the included monitoring accessories. The longest part of the process was figuring out how to adjust the door monitors to sit level. That took, maybe, five minutes of the installation process.

The included motion detector and two door or window monitors are entirely wireless and don't require any mounting holes in a wall. Instead, the included adhesive tape is all you need.

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