samsung-galaxy-s9-drop-test-score-card.jpg Here's how Samsung's Galaxy S9 did during a SquareTrade drop test. (Image: SquareTrade)

How well does Samsung's new Galaxy S9[1] and Galaxy S9 Plus do against drops? It's not very surprising. You should expect a lot of shattered glass and despair.

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squaretrade-galaxy-s9-drop-test.png SquareTrade conducted a Galaxy S9 drop test to see its durability. (Image: SquareTrade)

Phone warranty company SquareTrade performed[3] a drop test (more like torture test) with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus from a variety of different heights. While Samsung's new phones are more durable than Apple's iPhone X and its own Galaxy S8 released a year earlier, Galaxy S9 owners should still expect cracked glass if it hits the pavement.

Samsung touts[4] a "refined Infinity display" on the Galaxy S9 to supply enhanced durability. It bumped the thickness over previous models 20 percent from 0.5T to 0.6T.

SquareTrade found after dropping the Galaxy S9 on its back from six feet, the phone shattered and starburst and hairline cracks appeared. When dropped on the front, the Galaxy S9 had loose glass and hairline cracks.

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SquareTrade also tested how the Galaxy S9 lineup faired against bending and tumbling. In terms of repairability, SquareTrade found it's not easy. The LCD can be easily broken while attempting repairs, and it's difficult to remove the back panel.

"All of that glass means that durability has actually gone backward over the past year," SquareTrade global creative director Jason

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