StarHub and Sunseap have inked a partnership agreement to compete in Singapore's electricity market, which begins its liberalisation process next month.

The Singapore telco and energy firm said they would jointly support new customers across several functions including billing and sales as well as customer service. The two companies also would identify opportunities in smart energy and Internet of Things (IoT) offerings for customers.

With Sunseap in the partnership, households that purchased from StarHub and the sustainable energy company[1] would have the option to tap solar power without having to own or install solar panels, the companies said.

Market regulator Energy Market Authority (EMA) since 2001 had moved to open up the retail electricity market[2] in a bid to drive more competitive pricing and improve service standards.

Enterprise customers, with an average monthly consumption of at least 2,000kWh--or about S$400 a month--currently can choose their electricity provider, buying from a retailer or from the wholesale market. They also can choose to remain on the country's regulated tariff rates.

Starting April 1, 2018, a soft launch of the market liberalisation process would begin in Jurong, where its residents and businesses would be able to purchase their power requirements from a retailer.

According to EMA, the soft launch would open up the market to 108,000 accounts and 9,500 businesses. Following the Jurong, the Singapore electricity market would be fully liberalised by the second half of 2018 and open to the country's remaining 1.3 million accounts, the energy regulator said.

StarHub and Sunseap's joint operations would commence with the soft launch, said the partners, offering two clean energy subscription plans: Green Life and Green Save.

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