News briefs for March 16, 2018.

Private Internet Access announced[1] that it is open-sourcing its software: "We believe that the shift to open source is the right move for a privacy-focused business, and recognise that code transparency is key. We appreciate that our code may not be perfect, and we hope that the wider FOSS community will get involved, provide feedback, feature requests, bug fixes and generally help provide a greater service to the wider privacy movement." You can check out the repo on GitHub[2] and find them at #privateinternetaccess on

A new software image of Raspbian debuted this week to coincide with the new RPi 3 B+. The image does more than the usual bug fixes, however; it also supports a range of different screen sizes, which is difficult to do. See the Raspbian blog[3] for more details and instructions on how to update.

An image of Scarlett Johansson is being used as a malware attack vector on PostgreSQL, ZDNet reports[4]. According to security firm Imperva, this attack "places malware, which cryptomines Monero, on PostgreSQL DBMS servers."[5]

Ludwig, a 38-year-old "full-screen" software editor, developed by the University of Adelaide, is being released[6] for free under an open-source license: "beneficial features of 'Ludwig' as a software development tool that are not found in other text and code editors will be now open to all developers."

Microsoft is open-sourcing Service Fabric under the MIT license, reports ZDNet[7]. Earlier this week, the Linux version of the Service Fabric repo and related tools became available on GitHub[8].

Internet services will be shut down on Bali for 24 hours beginning on Saturday for Nyepi, the island's annual day of silence, The Guardian reports

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