There are tons of operating systems coming out all the time, from free laptop systems like EasyPeasy[1] to Manjaro[2], Mandriva[3], and Kubuntu[4]. But all of them have their share of kinks.

Naturally, many of us are scared of change, and not everyone is an early adopter when it comes to these kinds of things. While operating systems like MacOS and Chrome OS still claim larger market shares in 2018[5], it bears mentioning that newer operating systems have a lot to offer.

Systems like Windows go straight out the, er, window once you've used MX Linux 17.

MX-17 changes the base to Debian 9 (Stretch)[6] and provides upgraded artwork, fresh MX tools, and better live operation courtesy of antiX. Users get persistence (a whopping 20GB) and remaster along with a full suite of updated MX-apps including mx-tweak[7], mx-conky[8], and NVidia[9].

Here's why MX-17 is a worthy distro, and what you stand to gain from this midweight Linux operating system and its antiX components.

By us, for us

The first thing that should be acknowledged about MX Linux 17 is the people behind it. MX Linux is a cooperative venture between the former MEPIS Linux[10] and antiX[11] communities. That's where the MX of the name comes from.

For this reason, it's been called the “best of both worlds” by tech reviewers. And that's about as accurate as you can get because the system is based on Debian 9.3 with an upgraded version 4.13.0-1 Linux kernel and Firefox.

The developers clearly care about the preferences of the community and are committed to giving noobs

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