Now, everyone is aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But when we talk about search optimization for mobile apps, the first thing that comes up to mind is App Store Optimization (ASO). But did you know that you can also use Search Engine Optimization to boost downloads of your mobile app?

Mobile app profile pages do not display in search engine listings the manner Web pages do. So what can you do that gets your mobile app displaying up in search engine registering? Develop a landing page or a microsite to begin.

Having an appearance on the network is the starting point in leveraging the traffic flowing to your app. The more details the microsite has, the better it is.

Hence, SEO Tips to Boost Mobile Apps Downloads:

Select the appropriate keywords

People will only recognize your app if they come across it when exploring the App Store or any other place. In the app market, we have something that is known as App Store Optimization (ASO). It operates comparable to SEO where the search engine will recognize an app based on the keyword it relates. Like Search Engine Optimization, you shall proceed certain that the app fully describes the business keywords. Use Google Analytics to find current vocabularies. Following the Relevance, Difficulty, and Traffic (RDT) controls will be beneficial.

Apt Description

According to the study, only 5% of users will tap on the (Read More, Click Here) and other relevant tabs? What this suggests is that the description should endeavor essential information about the app. By reading the first 3 to 5 lines, the user should be able to decide on whether to carry on reading, if the app will work your explications, or the user would move and opt for another app. ASO/ SEO calls for applying the keywords in the opening sentence and avoiding spamming or utilizing excessively many keywords.

Adopt an Attractive Title

What are the chances of you using an app described as a gaming app to shop for items? Extremely minimum. It is because the person will click on the app that appears to explain his/her problem. When creating an app, you should ensure that it has an alluring title that will attract a potential user. Use simple to remember languages that are connected to what you are striving for. For instance, if it is a shopping app, use terms like online shopping, store, or a cart. A little description after the title itself is also perfect. Ensure the title is not too short or too long. Learn more about what is an SEO title.

Keyword-Friendly app URL

Many people produce a good app and include the appropriate keywords in the content and description. However, the majority of people do not pay attention to the application’s URL. They will leave it simple without adding the keyword. Because of this, the search engines will avoid its meaning, and it will not be available to the target population. To improve the perceptibility you should make it search engine pleasant. Always include the relative keywords.

Keep an eye on opponents

There will be many apps that are very similar and will offer the same solution as yours. You will have a relative benefit over your opponents if your app stands out. It means that it provides better solutions, can easily be found or has a better appeal to the people. Investigating your competitor’s apps helps to get penetrations into why it is beating yours. Reviews and ideas from customers and analysts also dropped more light.

Make the icon attractive

Many people connect to an icon by its presence. Some will not be able to show you the name but can choose it out from the many others or remember it because of the icon. You should need to make it as pleasant as possible. For instance, using a different design, giving it vibrant, or use bright colors. Statistics show that a fashionable icon has a 56% chance of being downloaded associated with a dull and tedious one. You should appoint a professional designer to do it for you rather than trying to design it yourself, especially if you less knowledge about it. A better one will first take time to understand your wants, the business idea and then come up with the best plan.

Practice A/B testing

It is hard to measure the performance of the app if you lack sufficient information or knowledge. You also require to utilize proven techniques or analytics. A/B testing is quite popular and also quite successful in managing the app’s performance. It helps you arrange the best to the average and provides hints on what may be affecting the app. It may be the keyword deployment, URL, or other entities. The testing is a primary component of SEO strategy and will help you determine the most efficient SEO for apps.

Use a QR code

There are lots of superior apps out there. They have an astounding description, a good design, and offer resolutions to a specific query. Unfortunately, they do not have a lot of downloads. It is because they need the QR Code or use an inefficient one. The code helps to optimize the app and obtain it effortlessly identifiable out of the many apps. When used with the right URL, it will enhance the traffic and also rank higher in SERP. Other than the app, the QR code can also be connected to social media.

Develop the app

Like other devices and products, the app needs to be marketed. It supports you to introduce it to the business and spread good vibes about it. There are many methods and conferences for promoting the app. You can decide to do it yourself, seek services from an advertiser, or SEO specialist, or use different websites. The use of backlinks is helpful because it requires the benefit of other marketing techniques like SEO, Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, and others. Developers also offer in-app purchases to promote and sell it.

Final Words

These tips will help you to boost SEO in your mobile applications.

About the Author

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites like top app development companies in 2021.