Have you ever learned some of the psychological triggers that get customers to convert at a higher rate? Knowing about sale psychology is like having a secret weapon. If you find the key tactics that most of the online sellers completely neglect, you can get an edge among your competitors. You can implement these actionable strategies in your online store.

Engage customers with a Free Gift

Incite customers to buy by giving them something for free. Giving your customers a 20% off discount coupon encourages them to buy more from you because they get items at a discounted price, but that’s not the only reason because when you give a customer a coupon, especially when they did not expect it and it works like a gift, they are triggered by the norm of reciprocity. The norm of reciprocity is a sense of obligation as a result of favor that someone does for us.

The norm of reciprocity is one of the key tenants of marketing and advertising. If you are running an online ecommerce store, a really great way to implement this is to add personalized coupons to your store. For instance, you can add a spin to win wheel on your website to give random discounts to your customers. Since they get a personalized discount on your website and get engaged with your website, they now feel indecent not to buy from you.

You can also add a discount coupon inside your product packaging to amaze your customers when they unbox the product sent from your store.

Use Curiosity to Drive Traffic and Engagement

Curiosity can be a useful factor that is used to drive direct sales. it is often used by marketers and advertisers to drive clicks to websites to increase engagement. Therefore, curiosity should be a beneficial point that you should be using for your website engagement. Once people get curious, they are driven to find an answer. So, how can you create curiosity for your business?

Curiosity is like a u-shaped curve. When we know nothing about something, we are not curious to learn. But, when we get to know a little about something, we become very curious. The more we know, the less curious we become. How can you implement this to make more sales online? The spin to win coupon boxes is another example of this. The customer knows a little about the discount. They know they could win a potential discount if they play the game, but they don’t what they will win. This curiosity can drive them to click on the play button after sharing their email addresses. So, curiosity has been used to encourage them to take action and sign up for your online store.

You can also use curiosity in the email that you sent to your customers, asking customers to leave a review. You can ask them questions like, “I have a favor to ask you.” A title like this can pique curiosity, and the customer thinks, oh, what favor do they want from them, and so it drives them to open up the email to check the answer to their question and leave a quick review for the product you sold to them.

Create Envy with Customer Reviews

Why do you think it is a productive element in marketing of your business to encourage customers for leaving reviews? Most probably, it is because you want social proof for potential customers to see other customers have bought and liked your products. This is how they build trust in you. That’s the obvious answer. The other side of the customer reviews is that it creates envy or competition in your potential buyers. The phrase “keeping up with the Johnsons” also refers to the idea that if someone see that their neighbor’s family car is bigger than their car, then it makes them feel jealous and they want to buy a car to match them if not beat them. So, that’s what positive product reviews do. Perspective buyers see that other people are benefiting and enjoying the product, and they should get the same benefit in their lives.

Use Photos to Help Customers Visualize

When you are selling on your online woocommerce store, your photo listing is the most important factor in selling. Photos are the one of the most powerful conversion factor as to whether a customer buys a product or not. One of the most potent thing that an online shop keeper can do is include a photo in your product listing that shows a product being used in a real-life context. This helps the customers visualize themselves actually using, and if customers can visualize themselves using a product or service, then they are more likely to buy it!

Final words

You can use these psychological triggers in your online store to persuade your buyers to buy from you and increase your sales. However, a good quality professional website helps you achieve these goals better than everything else. Make sure your online e-commerce store load fast and run smooth where users can seamlessly shop from your store. You can also get a handy mobile app for your online store from a mobile app development company to meet your goals faster and more efficiently.

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